• How to select the right teat?

How to select the right teat?

Baby’s bottle teat is as important as type of water or milk. Baby bottle teat is critical because it goes directly into baby’s mouth and if its size or mouth feel is not suitable, baby will reject it or discard it in spite of being hungry. So the big Question is, what is the Right Teat?

As per the Guidelines:

For younger babies choose one that is assimilated to the shape of the nipple, with adjustable filter, anti-colic and anti-regurgitation valves (if available).
For older babies the outlet will be different depending on the consistency of the feed...
Teats are made of two types, rubber or silicone. The rubber ones are stronger, more expensive and absorb water. Remember to change them when they become opaque or when they swell up.
The silicone ones are more elastic, retain more liquid and less altered. They are much softer and therefore are not suitable for babies who will start teething, as it increases the risk of choking.
The hole in the teat should allow a slow release of milk in the form of continuous drip, but not jet, which will also decrease the risk of choking.
In any case, change them when they appear worn, sticky or cracked.

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