• How to help your baby to burp after Feeding?

How to help your baby to burp after Feeding?

It almost becomes an obsession and fundamental for your baby to expel the gas after the feed. But sometimes you do not know what to do to get a burp.

Keep in mind that babies do not always need to burp, because they don’t always swallow air. If your baby is well placed during breast feeding or the bottle’s teat is full of milk and provide a proper flow, baby may swallow very little air. Anyway, to get a burp follow these tips:
- Don’t rush the baby into a burp as it might take 10-15 minutes for him/her to burp.

- Put a towel over your shoulder or your lap in case he/she expelled some food with the gases.

There are three positions to facilitate the expulsion of air:
1. Hold your baby in an upright position with his head on your shoulder. Hold his head and trunk with one hand and with the other give soft pats on the back.

2. Sitting on your legs, do the same as the previous position.
3. Face down on your lap while hold his head with one hand, taking care that the head must be higher than the trunk with your hand giving back rubs.


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