Hero Baby 3 Nutradefense

Hero Baby 3 Nutradefense

Congrats, 12 months already passed & you are preparing your baby’s first birthday party. But, your mission has not ended yet, as the possible is not always the best.


Make sure that you guarantee 2 cups of growing - up formula milk to support your kid grow healthier & smarter.

Be careful while deciding your baby’s diet elements & always think; Nutrition today... Health tomorrow.

In your toddler’s daily diet, consider covering all the nutritional requirements of Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals & immune active ingredients.

At this stage, toddler will not easily accept variety of food in one day. So, what should I do?

You must make sure that your toddler has growing - up milk (stage 3), that covers all of his/her nutritional requirements.

You may hear that cow’s milk is OK, or any powdered milk in a box will do the job! They lack many of the essential nutrients and cow’s milk contains huge amounts of saturated fatty acids (harmful and decrease Calcium absorption), sodium (increases the burden on the kidneys), lack a lot of vitamins, iron and immune active ingredients.

No!! Wait a minute & think too of missing a lot of benefits...

2 cups daily of Hero Baby 3 Nutradefense provides your toddler’s essential nutritional requirements.

Avoid flavored milks to raise your child properly on healthy eating habits.

Hero Baby 3 Nutradefense is promoting healthy eating habits and reducing the risk of future obesity as it is not sweetened.

Hero Baby 3 Nutradefense has a unique combination of nutrients naturally present in breast milk, which have an important role in adequate growth & promoting immune system maturation.

1- Prebiotics GOS:

Prebiotics GOS (Galactooligosaccharides) are natural fibers present in breast milk, these fibers are the natural nourishment of the beneficial bacteria in your baby’s small gut, these bacteria are very important as it protects against harmful ones. Prebiotics GOS induce softer stool consistency and more comfort. Your toddler will not suffer constipation, gases or colic.

2- 5 Nucleotides:

Nucleotides are the building blocks of our genetic material (DNA & RNA). They are naturally present in mother’s breast milk. Hero Baby 3 Nutradefense has five different Nucleotides that support proper weight gain and head circumference development.

Nucleotides also have proven benefits in reducing frequency, severity and duration of diarrhea episodes which is very common during early months of life

3- LCPUFAs ( Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids):

Ingredients of mother’s milk fat blend, and consists of DHA & AA. With proven benefits in improving visual acuity and IQ scores.

LCPUFAs play an important role in developing your baby’s immunity & reducing the incidence of allergies that your toddler may face in childhood.

What's inside

Nutritional table

Energy69 Kcal
Fat2.9 g/ 100 ml
Carbohydrate8.7 g/ 100 ml
Protein2 g/100 ml
Iron1.1 mg/ 100 ml

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