• Feeding the Newborn

Feeding the Newborn

Mothers with newborn babies are always concerned about their baby’s feeds. To know more on feeding newborn, follow the instructions given below.

-Babies need to take minimum of 8–12 feeds (or more) times in 24 hours.

-Feed baby whenever he/she shows signs of hunger. Some babies may prefer “cluster feed,” that is small feeds in a short period, then taking a longer break until the next feed.

-Newborns may have cluster feed all night long, while older babies will have cluster feed in the evenings.
-If your baby is hungry, he/she will make sounds as if sucking, flexing his/her arms and hands, putting fist into mouth. If you do not feed him/her, your baby will start crying.

-Baby will give you many indications that he/she is full like; sucking will slow down or stop, you may not hear swallowing sound, baby’s arms and hands relax  and baby will leave the breast and will not try taking it again.

-It is best to feed when your baby asks you and quit when he/she wants to stop.

-Try breast feeding on both the sides and wait till baby spends at least 10 minutes on each side; this way baby gets hind milk which is rich in fats, proteins and other nutrients.

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