• Boiled Vs Bottled Water

Boiled Vs Bottled Water

Preparing Baby’s First Bottle feed is always exciting but Mums are always concerned about the type of water that should be used. The most common concerns are, should I use Tap water or Bottled water or should I boil water? Let’s clarify all this...

When it comes to choosing water, it all depends on where you live & the quality of water that you get in your house. If you are sure that water in your house is clean and safe for human consumption, then boil it before using. While it is true that chlorination removes harmful bacteria from water, your child's digestive system is not as strong as yours and small parasites may slip through the tap and reach them.

Moreover, some areas contain too many minerals that do not benefit your baby. So, you should boil the water for not more than two minutes.

If you are not sure of the water quality of your house then go for bottled water. If, you've decided to use bottled water, check different types of bottled available in the market, pay attention to their composition, and choose the one with least mineral concentration.

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