• Development milestones for the first six months

Development milestones for the first six months

Check the physical and emotional development milestones!

Physical development milestones you can expect 

1 Month:

  • Weight may drop after birth but will be regained quickly
  • Head flops if not supported
  • Stares at high contrast patterns and objects but still does not reach
  • Hearing is fully developed

2 Months:

  • Muscles relax and twitch less
  • Lifts head about 45 degrees while lying on tummy
  • Hands start to unfold
  • Eyes can track close moving objects
  • May roll over one way

3 Months:

  • Stretches out arms and legs
  • Rolls over from back to side
  • Discovers feet and hands
  • Holds objects longer
  • May cut first tooth (third to sixth month or later)

4 Months:

  • Rolls from front to side
  • Lifts head about 90 degrees
  • Reaches for objects
  • Holds hands together

5 Months:

  • Rolls over from front to back
  • Grabs toes and feet
  • Wiggles forward on floor
  • Reaches with a good aim
  • Transfers objects from hand to hand

6 Months:

  • Holds head steady
  • Sits with back straight
  • Grasps small objects and studies them
  • Rolls in both directions
  • Understands that objects may be hiding behind one another

Emotional development milestones you can expect 

1 Month:

  • Enjoys eye contact
  • Smiles at faces
  • Recognizes parent’s voices
  • Begins to trust caregiver
  • Cries if under or over stimulated

2 Months:

  • Responsive smiling
  • Enjoys visual stimulation
  • Studies faces
  • Cries for attention
  • Persistent crying usually peaks in the second month

3 Months:

  • Makes eye contact
  • Smiles at faces and may laugh out loud
  • Knows difference between parents and strangers
  • Stops crying when you walk into the room


4 Months:

  • Laughs hard when tickled
  • Greets caregiver
  • Starts social gestures
  • May move arms to signal “pick me up”
  • Enjoys social interaction

5 Months:

  • Turns head toward speaker
  • Watches your mouth movements
  • Shows interest in colors
  • Pushes away disliked actions

6 Months:

  • May be shy or afraid of strangers
  • Responds to own name
  • Raises arms to signal “pick me up”
  • Likes own reflection

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