• Here comes a new baby- Avoid jealousy!

Here comes a new baby- Avoid jealousy!

It is normal that before the arrival of a new baby, the older one may feel jealous or insecure.

Until now he/she was the sole focus of your attention, getting all your time and was the reason for your laughs & even anger.  But with the coming of the new baby, the older baby may become a very demanding competitor. This is all normal but as a parent and being closest to your baby, you can help

Understanding and affection, is what your child needs and also to realize his new position as "big brother or big sister". Note that it is logical to feel invaded when new baby comes. Do not be surprised if you notice attitudes such as those listed below:

- Saying a bad word to the new family member, pushing or pinching the baby.

- Using Attention gaining tricks, like, throwing tantrums, showing bad behavior or answering back.

- Suffering setbacks in habits which were already controlled, like, wetting again, refusing to eat alone, asking for pacifier or waking up at night...

Calm down, act in a relaxed manner, & always remember, these situations are temporary:

- Explain that new baby needs a lot of attention (like when he/she was a baby), take his/her help in looking after the new member and tell him/her that sometimes you cannot be available even though you love them equally.

- Let him/her know that you still love him/her exactly as before and that he/she will always be "your older child."

- Show your kid very warmly your pride and praise him/her when he/she behaves responsibly and do not give importance to kiddies’ attitude.

- Seize the moments when the baby is resting (or when you and dad take turns in their care) to spend some time playing exclusively with the older baby.

- Also, you can at least 2-3 times in a day, leave younger baby with some family member and spend some more time with the older baby.

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