• Games of 1 to 2 years

Games of 1 to 2 years


Your child is growing and play is an important part of his growing up. By one year of age, your kid knows how to walk and is beginning to communicate his/her desire to learn and research has no limits.

The most important thing is that your home is furnished in such a way that your kid can explore safely and you accompany him/her on those discoveries with smiles.


At 1 year:

- Play run: run with your kid.

- Give him/her games that can pull, turn, throw ... to cause sounds or movements and shapes to fit.

- Teach songs and put music to dance.

- Encourage your child to imitate the sounds you make of animals and familiar objects.

- Let your kid play with sand and water in the park or at the beach.

In two years, it's time to start slowly interact with other children, so your baby should come out every day at the park.

- Teach them to make shapes with sand.

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