• Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

'It's silly ", “She has beaten me before,' ... If your little ones are always at war, you must act in time so that their relationship does not deteriorate and their quarrels are simply "stuff of brothers”.

As your children get older and can play together, the fights will become frequent and mutual accusations. All these things are part of sibling relationship. But if the rivalry or envy are continuous and take bad course of action between them, it is alarming for you to do something.

To avoid this keep in mind these rules:

- Do not make comparisons; each is unique and has its own flaws and qualities.

- Admire your kids accomplishments for the effort they have made to reach them.

- Teach them to share their own stuff, but also to respect the private property of others.

- Let them resolve their differences as long as it does not come to violence or coerce one another.

- Show them that when they work, they get more benefits.

- Dedicate time exclusively to each.

- Make family activities like going to the field, theater...

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