• Happy from the cradle

Happy from the cradle

To feel happy, the child needs to build a good self-esteem, and you're the key for his/her development. Your attitudes toward him/her will develop a good or bad self-image.

From birth, you are a great reference in his/her life. Everything you say or do will be recorded in head and heart. Therefore, consider these ten advices to raise a safe and happy child:

1. Share quality time with your kids. Maybe you do not own all the time you like, but remember that quality is better than quantity. Rather than sit and watch TV together, play, teach them to cook, take them to the park...

2. Become interested in their stuff. Ask about their games, hobbies, friends ... And always listen to them you, they always want to share something with you.

3. Do not compare them to others. Good self-esteem vanishes through comparing with others, especially siblings, cousins or friends.

4. Feel proud with their progress. And, above all, the efforts made to achieve them.

5. Avoid arguments with your partner in front of them.

6. Make it easy contact with other children. Let them invite Friends to home, let them accept invitations, organize excursions...

7. Accept your kids with their own personality. They are different: some are brave, some more agile, some smarter, other slower...

8. Remain happy. Family joy is essential for personal happiness. There is scientific evidence that there is a direct relationship between maternal depression and problems of children.

9. Do not prolong your anger. Make any punishment very specific to time limit.

10. Every night, before you put him/her to bed, share a few minutes to tell your kid how much you love him/her, read a story or tell a story, and do not forget the goodnight kiss.

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