• Week 9

Week 9

Your Baby:

Your baby's eyelids are formed but closed, and will not open until week 26. This week the embryonic tail disappears, hands and feet are in a more clear form, the fingers and toes are beginning to define their fingerprints. These changes give your baby a more human form.

The head is much larger than the rest of the body and the fetus will change from being completely still to moving or having spasms from time to time, but you do not notice them. The internal reproductive organs of your baby (testes or ovaries) are beginning to form, although they will not be indistinguishable until next couple of weeks. So it is still difficult to know the sex of your baby.

Baby weight now: 3 gm

Baby size now: 3 cm


Your Body

Your waist is widening but you do not look pregnant but note the discomforts of the first months like: acidity, gas, nausea and changes in attitude.

One of the changes that you have inside your body is the volume of blood, your body will produce 50 % more blood and your heart will not stop pumping blood throughout your body (this is the way your body helps your uterus to grow and deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your baby). Your blood vessels dilate faster, and hence the reason that you might have trouble in breathing.



You may suffer constipation during pregnancy and have gases, these symptoms happen because you are producing much progesterone that relaxes certain muscle fibers. The movement of the intestine slows down with slow digestion causing bloating, constipation and gases. The greater the amount of food, the more possible you feel discomfort. So it's good to make several light meals throughout the day instead of three large ones.