• Week 10

Week 10

Your Baby:

This week marks the beginning of a period where all your baby's vital organs have been formed and are starting to work.

Also the tiny fingernails of the fingers and toes are growing, as well as their tiny teeth. Between this week and 14th you’ll make your first ultrasound in order to check your baby's heartbeats and whether there is a surprise and you have twins.

Baby weight now: 10 gm

Baby size now: 5.5 cm


Your Body

You will start to feel a little tight in your normal clothes, especially in the size of the bra, but this is usually because of the swelling; a common symptom caused by the slowdown in your digestive system that is working a lot to increase the absorption of all nutrients of the food that you eat.

 In this week if you have a prenatal exam, ask your doctor any questions you have in mind and do not forget to provide all the necessary and relevant information. If you have done the first ultrasound the doctor can hear the heartbeat of your baby. Many women say that the rapid beating is similar to that of galloping horses. How exciting!



After you have performed previous tests such as urine and blood analysis it is possible that the doctor recommends you to do the test of "Down Syndrome "and other chromosomal abnormalities tests. It is a test that generally women do it, to make sure that their babies do not have any problem, if you decided to make this test, this should be carried out between week 11 and week14.

How the test is performed? Ultrasound technique that measures the transparent space at the tissue located in the neck of the baby is used. In case there is any abnormality, the babies tend to accumulate more fluid in the neck during the first trimester, causing the transparent space to be larger than normal. The test is 80 % reliable, if any possible abnormality, there are more definitive test.