• Week 11

Week 11

Your Baby:

The best thing about this week is that the most critical part, the development of the organs is over. In the next week your baby will double in his size. Baby begins to develop its own red blood cells and produces urine. Your baby's ears are positioned on both sides of the head and the reproductive organs are being more distinguished. In case it is a boy his testicles start producing testosterone (male hormone).

Baby weight now: 18 gm

Baby size now: 7.5 cm


Your Body

Pregnant women experience morning sickness, but be calm, this discomfort decreases as the second trimester comes and you feel less tired. Although it depends on the body of each woman. You may experience a change in your smell sensation. Your uterus is beginning to be too large to fit in the pelvis so your stomach will begin to rise during the coming weeks.



You must control your weight and it is advisable to do moderate physical exercise. Anyway you have to check with your doctor. According to some associations, pregnant women can consume weekly 340 grams of low-mercury fish to improve the baby's brain development.