• Week 13

Week 13

Your Baby:

It is the beginning of the second trimester. Until now your baby's head has been proportionally bigger than the rest of its body, but from this week your baby's body will grow more & quickly in proportion to the size of its head. Inside your womb the baby begins to show motor skills: it is able to move, bend arms and legs, and soon the baby will begin to suck its thumb. These are movements that you will feel later.

Baby weight now: 45 gm

Baby size now: 10 cm


Your Body

The risk of miscarriage is reduced and you will feel more relieved as the symptoms of morning sickness will begin to diminish and you'll have a little more energy. Your body is changing, although you don't have this morning sickness, the unpleasant secretions such as: sweat, saliva and vaginal discharge, are more abundant. Your sense of smell sharpens, to the point that some strong smells can cause nausea.



Visit your doctor to prescribe you prenatal vitamins. A balanced diet and some exercise, these together, will help the baby to get all the minerals and vitamins needed for healthy growth. The proteins are vital for the growth of your baby (make and repair all tissues, synthesize hormones, antibodies and enzymes; provide energy sources that he does not have), especially during the second and third trimester, you will need about 70 grams of protein daily. Some sources of protein are: turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, peas, nuts, grains, soy cheese, dairy products and peanuts.

Many women take advantage of this time to make preparations for the arrival of the baby as childbirth classes and care of a newborn.