• Week 34

Week 34

Your Baby:

Your baby's lungs continue to mature and prepare for breathing outside. Its brain works actively with non stop connections! Although at this stage the baby sleeps a lot, pay attention to everything around. Keep a calm lifestyle, because if you break the dream of your baby constantly, it may be harmful.

Baby weight now: 2.1 Kg

Baby size now: 42 cm


Your Body

You might feel just as tired and exhausted as the first trimester, it is normal, your body is going through major physical changes. You probably have a general discomfort and difficulty sleeping. You should know the signs that announce your delivery moment. Every woman has a different delivery signs but there are common symptoms such as regular contractions in increasingly shorter intervals of time, breaking waters (amniotic sac) detach a mucus stained with blood, pain in the lower back together with pains like menstrual one. You must also bear in mind that these symptoms do not mean that it's time to give birth, because you can have them days or weeks before. Consult your specialist whenever you have doubts. Your baby moves lower in the birth canal and exerts more pressure, some women have the uncomfortable feeling that their baby is about to fall or a tingling sensation in the pelvic zone. Although this feeling may not disappear until after delivery, if you have any question ask your specialist.


You can practice some exercises and for sure consult your doctor which exercise is more suitable to prepare you for the delivery.