• Week 36

Week 36

Your Baby:

Every week your baby gains more weight and later this week will be no further development. It is probably in a position with head down.

Baby weight now: 2.4 Kg

Baby size now: 45 cm


Your Body

Sure you have a tremendous desire to learn about your baby. You just have one month left ! It will be difficult to breathe because your uterus has reached a size 1000 times greater than its original and being below the ribs compressing the lungs. Your baby continues to grow and the amniotic fluid that surrounds it decreases as your body absorbs some of it, so diminishing the space which your baby can move in. You can notice less movements.


If you have swelling from excess fluid, rest with your feet up or lie on your left side for better blood circulation. You should drink water, as this will remove the waste better by the kidneys and stimulate the intestinal movement. Make a list of important phone numbers (hospital, doctor, your partner's work, nurse, midwife ...) & save them on the mobile.