• Week 37

Week 37

Your Baby:

Your baby is completely developed, its organs are prepared to be exposed to the outside world. If you're going to have a boy, you may weight heavier than at birth of a girl of the same age. It already adopted the recommended position: head down and face looking back. Ready to be born!

Using ultrasound the doctor will know if the baby is not well placed and whether to do a cesarean section to avoid risks. The brain and the skull of your baby continue to grow, but will not increase much in weight.

Baby weight now: 2.7- 3 Kg

Baby size now: 47 cm


Your Body

You can experience a feeling when the baby falls into the birth canal, you'll notice more space in the abdomen and can breathe more easily, but feel more pressure in the pelvis and bladder which may be more uncomfortable. This does not happen to all women. The cervix, which is the neck of the uterus will expand, preparing for childbirth. If you have swelling from excess fluid, rest with your feet up or lie on your left side for better blood circulation. You know that there are signs that warn you that you are giving birth, be careful as there are a percentage of babies born on unexpected dates .Your baby may surprise you!


Until now you will do tests once a month or every two weeks, now your doctor want to see you every week. You may do a pelvic exam to assess the progress of your pregnancy through different observations: Review the cervix and the amniotic fluid lost.

The cervix during labor, becomes thinner and softer. You can also see the dilation of the cervix, measured in centimeters; cervix opened totally measures about 10-11 cm. The pelvic exam may also determine the location of the baby's head. Prepare everything you will need in the hospital.