• Week 35

Week 35

Your Baby:

For now, all the major organs of your baby are almost complete, its brain and head have already reached maximum size. It has produced 100 billion neurons with 100 trillion connections. During this week and the next ones your body will transfer to your baby temporary immunity against childhood diseases, protecting the baby until getting first vaccine.

Baby weight now: 2.2 Kg

Baby size now: 43 cm


Your Body

Your baby is getting in position resting in the cervix, do not worry if your baby still has not changed his position with head down, it  still has time and space to do so. Some doctors recommend that you should do "group B streptococcus" (GBS) test, as it can be passed to your newly born during delivery and cause potentially threatening infections, so many women do not know that they are carriers. With the suitable preparations, tests and treatments the risk in general is very low.


Try to make GBS test. What is GBS? It is a bacteria found in the digestive system and the birth canal. One of every four pregnant women have swollen feet and ankles, it is normal, rest and put your feet up.