• Week 31

Week 31

Your Baby:

During this week your baby is storing more fat under the skin and gaining more weight. Its color will be less red & more pinkish every from now on. Your baby’s eye iris responds to changes in light. Every day it eliminates about half liter of urine into the amniotic fluid and its lungs are almost completely developed. Its rapid growth and activity continue.

Baby weight now: 1.5 Kg

Baby size now: 37 cm


Your Body

Do you have trouble sleeping? Use pillows in new positions that make you more comfortable. If your breathing varies during these weeks, it is because your baby is occupying part of the space of your lungs, and also occupies space in your stomach, so it is advisable to make 5 or 6 small meals a day rather than few and plentiful.

You will notice that your breasts increase in size, this is normal, they are preparing to feed the newborn. It is common to come out from your breasts a liquid called "colostrum" (fluid secreted by the mammary glands), you can use a bra one size larger if you want to feel more comfortable and pads to prevent these unexpected leeks. Some women feel the contractions of "Braxton Hicks" in the uterus. It may be difficult to distinguish between sporadic contractions of "Braxton Hicks" and signs of premature labor, so if you see that they get longer, intense and frequent, call your doctor immediately.


Ask your doctor about the suitable types of exercises for this period.