• Week 33

Week 33

Your Baby:

During the next few weeks your baby will gain weight, but be calm, this weight gain will slow down next month. Its skeleton is hardening and your baby makes a rapid eye movements, you know what that means?

Your baby dreams! The five senses of its brain are now functioning: it can see the liquid world, taste the amniotic fluid, feel the touch of the finger it is sucking and hear your heart and your voice. Its head circumference has increased 1.25 centimeters in the last days.

Baby weight now: 2 Kg

Baby size now: 40.5 cm


Your Body

You will notice that your breasts size increases, it is normal, they are preparing to feed the newborn. It is common to come out of your breasts a liquid called "colostrum" (fluid secreted by the mammary glands), you can use a bra one size larger if you want to feel more comfortable and pads to prevent these unexpected escapes. You may feel more tired than the previous month as you carry much extra weight. The extra fluid that your body carry can cause pain and numbness in the extremities, so remember to relax and you can always stretch. You may feel stronger contractions, but if it does not exceed the average of 5 per hour, everything will be Ok.


A birth plan is important to be prepared before and during delivery time, in order not to be in stress, it is useful to communicate your preferences in advance, if you make it now, you and your partner have time to discuss the different options. The aim of a birth plan is to inform your necessities to your doctor.