• Week 28

Week 28

Your Baby:

Its brain has developed more tissues, senses are increasingly more active and cerebral cortex is more developed .Your baby can store knowledge!

Welcome to the most endearing moment of your pregnancy, your baby begins to become familiar with your voice, recognizes and responds to it. There are studies that tell that babies from this week are able to recognize sounds if it hears the same one, several times. Starting form this week it can create its first memory as it is more aware of surroundings. The long-term memory of your baby works before it is born. Maybe your baby has developed a more regular sleep schedule with intervals of 20-30 minutes. If it's a boy, his testicles are moving into the scrotum and if it is a girl, her clitoris is forming.

Baby weight now: 1 Kg

Baby size now: 34 cm


Your Body

Soon you will be in the third trimester!

Now is the right time to find out how your baby will come into the world. It is likely to increase prenatal visits every two weeks to ensure that your pregnancy is going well without problems.



It is a good time for doing the arrangements related to the first month of the baby's life. Some things that are necessary in the first weeks: diapers and wipes, nail clippers, thermometer, a suitable detergent for its little clothes, sanitary towels for you (as you will bleed for a few weeks after birth), etc.