• Week 29

Week 29

Your Baby:

You are already in the third trimester! During the next three months, your baby will have a significant growth, because of this, you may have noticed less movement in your belly as space is narrowing. But it is important that you feel your baby's movements, control the frequency of these (you can do it by laying down in a quiet place and is recommended after dinner).

Its brain has matured to such a level, it can regulate its body temperature itself and continue to develop billions of nerve cells (it is important because they do not create more after birth). If you have any questions about your baby's movement and note decrease in the fetal activity, consult your specialist.

Baby weight now: 1.2 Kg

Baby size now: 35 cm


Your Body

You're starting to get fat half a kilogram on average per week (depending on each woman). In this third trimester you will find again that you are tired (as in the first trimester) because your body is working hard to bring nutrients and oxygen to your baby. Your diaphragm will be pushing your uterus making you short of breath.

But the most fun part is that your baby will return very active and you can start counting its little kicks daily. You'll have many hormonal changes and your feet will swell (this is normal, but if the swelling lasts much, talk to your specialist).

Some women experience contractions, known as contractions of "Braxton Hicks" or false labor: they are irregular contractions that vary in intensity, due to the shrinking of the uterus. They are normal, start from the sixth week of pregnancy and you can notice them between weeks 29 and 30, but take care, if you feel more than 5 contractions in one hour, it is recommended that you talk to your specialist.


The stretch marks on the breasts and your belly are very common, use moisturizing cream or consult your specialist what is the best option for your skin.

Choose a pediatrician if you want to give birth in a hospital, get references of pediatricians or family doctors. Make sure that your doctor accepts your medical insurance.