• Week 30

Week 30

Your Baby:

Your baby's weight increases because of the accumulation of new layers of fats that help regulate its body temperature and it is taking the final position for birth.

Normally babies lie head down, but the uterus may not allow this, or the baby may be entangled with the umbilical cord (might be short and limit the mobility of baby). As your baby practices breathing, this can give you an attack of hiccups, which many moms have described as a series of small shocks.

Baby weight now: 1.3 Kg

Baby size now: 36 cm


Your Body

Perhaps you wonder how much your uterus will grow, as the abdomen grows more from week to another. You might feel more emotional than usual, it is because your delivery time is coming and experiencing more frequent changes of mood, maybe also some anxiety about the baby for preparations you should organize.

Relax and think in them calmly. If you can do exercise also (talk to your doctor to recommend the most appropriate physical activity). Stretch marks on breasts and your belly are normal at this stage of pregnancy. Some women experience contractions, known as contractions of "Braxton Hicks" or false labor: they are irregular contractions that vary in intensity. They are normal, but take care, if you feel more than 5 contractions in one hour, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor.


Ask your doctor about the suitable types of exercises for this period.