• Week 25

Week 25

Your Baby:

The body parts of your baby continue to grow and now have a proportional size with respect to the rest of the body and baby’s fat continues filling wrinkles to give its skin a smoother appearance. Although we don't know the color of its eyes (need light to finish its formation) as they can change in first weeks of life. In all cases, your baby has eyelashes.

Baby weight now: 650 gm

Baby size now: 30 cm


Your Body

Your uterus has the size of a football and is located between the sternum and the belly bottom, which can cause burning or itching in the stretched skin, trying to relieve it with lotions and creams. The pains in the back and pelvis are produced by stretching of the uterus. Consult your doctor in case of any doubt.


The pregnant women worry about cleaning products, insecticides and chemical products for if they can affect their baby. Always consult your specialist before using any chemical product