• Week 26

Week 26

Your Baby:

Your baby's lungs and brain are much more developed, now also it can probably detect light and darkness through the optic nerve and hear more than the noise of your belly (The noises outside or the voice of your partner). It will react when it hears sudden noises.

Baby weight now: 750 gm

Baby size now: 32 cm


Your Body

In the beginning of your pregnancy your blood pressure may go down, but now occurs the contrary, increases every time a bit more. The back pain continues, and it is normal, because the weight of your belly continues to rise, so it is important to maintain correct moving or lifting posture. Some women wear maternity belts that support your belly and stabilize the back.


It may be in the first time you have a baby, to get high blood pressure (Preeclampsia); the hypertension induced by pregnancy.

The most noticeable symptoms are usually increase in blood pressure, protein in the urine and rapid weight gain from fluid retention. It can be diagnosed during a prenatal visit to your doctor, or consult him if you have the first symptoms.