• Week 23

Week 23

Your Baby:

The digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems are ready for the life outside the maternal womb. Your baby is likely to become active and you will start to feel its movements, it might be possible to see the movements on the surface of your skin. Your baby now has a more proportionate size, more like a newborn. In this week, the pigment that colors its wrinkled skin (which over time will be smoothed) is deposited.

Baby weight now: 500 gm

Baby size now: 26 cm


Your Body

Some women experience contractions, known as contractions "Braxton Hicks" or false labor; they are irregular contractions that vary in intensity, caused by the shrinking of the uterus. They are normal, but take care, if you feel more than 5 contractions in one hour, it is recommended that you talk to your specialist.

Also you must be careful with the "pregnancy gingivitis". The gums bleed more easily than before, take care of your teeth and visit the dentist. Without doubt, contact your physician if you have any question.


Add sodium to your diet, without excess, sodium should not be restricted during pregnancy, a diet based on natural foods, may be salted without causing any damage.

The pregnant women should avoid processed foods or junk food, they are high in sodium. Eating large amounts of salt can cause high blood pressure, hypertension, and produce excessive weight gain.