• Week 20

Week 20

Your Baby:

At this stage, your baby is about 20 cm stretched and shrunk 16.5 Cm. This fatty layer beneath the skin of your baby will protect it and prevent scratching or cracking. Although the amniotic fluid distorts the sounds (like you're under water) but your baby can hear, recognize the music, the beat of your heart, or your respiration .Your baby is starting to produce "meconium" which is the substance that goes out at the end of digestion and that accumulates in mother's womb. Any blood loss during the first 20 weeks will be seen as a possible abortion. The birth in this age is lethal, because the lungs are not completed for breathing alone.

Baby weight now: 335 gm

Baby size now: 21.5 cm


Your Body

Now you're officially in the middle of your pregnancy. At this stage, your uterus is at the same level of your navel, and you may have gained weight. You will notice that you run out of breath more often, as the uterus is coming closer to the lungs what will cost you to breathe more, and also your heart rate is accelerated because your heart pumps more blood throughout your body. If you're more tired than usual or feeling more sleepy, rest, you have seen many changes since the first few weeks, it's time to sleep. You may soon have your second ultrasound in which your doctor will review the development of your baby, and if it cooperates, you'll know the sex. Well, that if you choose so.


Whenever possible try to reduce eating foods like hot dogs or sausages (salami, sausage, bacon ...). These foods contain sodium nitrate (a food preservative and very salty) and may also be carcinogenic.