• Week 21

Week 21

Your Baby:

The digestive system of your baby begins to swallow amniotic fluid and absorb small amounts of sugar, but the majority of the baby's nutrients comes from the placenta. Inside your uterus, while there is space, your baby will not stop moving, Spins, kicks, doing stretches, try positions. All these movements serve to stimulate his mental and physical development. At night you may not be able to sleep.

Baby weight now: 385 gm

Baby size now: 22.5 cm


Your Body

This is usually the most comfortable period of your first pregnancy; the discomforts of the first trimester have declined and you get used to many changes in your body. You're starting to enjoy your pregnancy. Your belly is still not very large and the discomforts of the first trimester (such as nausea) are now much lighter, relax and enjoy this moment.


The baby wakes up many times when you rest, and starts moving and kicking without stopping. On the contrary, when you are moving or doing some activity, the baby sleeps swaying to the rhythm of the swing of your movements. The baby moves about 50 times per hour, whether you are asleep or awake. You may have back problems because the weight of your belly is increasing, so you need sufficient rest and do not make unnecessary efforts that can cause you harm.