• Week 24

Week 24

Your Baby:

The senses are developing. Your baby is able to feel what is right or upside down. Begins to interpret the world, to learn from it, to interact and explore. Although the sense of sight has not yet sharpened, your baby may perceive reflections of sunlight, but the walls of your uterus are thick and is still very dark that it can see clearly. Your baby opens and closes its eyes & is learning to blink. The nervous system is growing very fast, lungs are developed and prepared for respiration (the amniotic fluid is moving in and out of the lungs).

Baby weight now: 560 gm

Baby size now: 26 cm


Your Body

Your uterus is more or less to 5 cm of the belly bottom. You feel itching caused by the growth of the skin of your abdomen and suffer back pain.


Consult your doctor if it is necessary that you make a glucose test for gestational diabetes. What is it?

 It is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, it occurs when blood sugar levels in the blood are higher than normal. This causes difficult vaginal delivery causing the "Fetal Macrosomia" (excessive weight of the baby). In a longer labor than the normal if the baby is larger in size, a cesarean delivery may be necessary. It can be a risk for you and your baby if untreated. It may be done between weeks 24 and 28. This test is recommended for all women, especially if they have a Body Mass Index greater than recommended (depending on her weight and height) or have a family history of diabetes.