• Week 22

Week 22

Your Baby:

Your baby's senses are really developing this week, especially the sense of taste and touch. The limbic system which is responsible for controlling the feelings and emotions of the baby. The fingernails, eyelids and eyebrows are obvious and only the eyelashes is now missing.

Baby weight now: 440 gm

Baby size now: 24 cm


Your Body

Now you will be the center of attention. Your belly is bigger and everyone wants to get close to you and cares for you.  Around your abdomen, buttocks and hips you can see small lines or streaks, it is the beginning of stretch marks. To prevent it, some women use moisturizing creams. Any way consult your specialist.


If you try to go to the sauna and Jacuzzi, you can be relieved from the pain in your body, but do not spend much time there, or you may overheat your body, which can affect the baby's development. Avoid saunas and Jacuzzi which their temperatures remain a few degrees hotter than your own body. If you have any doubts ask your specialist.