• Week 7

Week 7

Your Baby:

Around this week, the baby's weight will be doubled, the tail of the embryo begins to disappear and it will convert to a fetus. Your baby's brain is getting more complex and is developing cavities and vital pathways for the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Its face is becoming more defined. The eyes and part of the ear are in formation. The little arms, his legs, hands and feet are also beginning to be formed. Its little heart beats and his skeleton takes shape. The placenta is still forming and nutrients begin to pass from your body to your baby's body.

Baby weight now: less than 1.5 gm

Baby size now: 10-14 mm


Your Body

You have to know that every woman's body reacts and develops differently during pregnancy. It is possible that you are gaining weight, but your body is not yet well noticed so it is not yet clear to the people around you. If you have morning sickness every time you could have lost few kilos. If this is your second baby, you may experience the effect called "warming" when the uterus and abdominal muscles have already been tightened earlier.



Avoid taking drugs, exposure to dangerous chemicals substance or radiation (such as X-rays of radiographs) and taking medicine, not good for you nor for your baby, if they are not prescribed by your doctor.

Your doctor may ask you to make any of these tests: blood analysis as blood type (A, B, AB or O), Rh factor (Rh positive or negative), anemia, verification of immunity to rubella, diabetes, Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases.