• Respiratory problems

Respiratory problems

If your baby has still not completed one year, then arm yourself with patience because, the first twelve months of life are the most complicated, as baby’s immune system is still not developed. Since prevention is better than cure, take note of these recommendations:

- Breast feed your baby for as long as possible. Breast milk contains antibodies and immunoglobulins that protect against viruses and bacteria and stimulate defenses. If baby is on Formula then go for the one which has Iron and Healthy fats as these will boost immunity.

- Rigorously follow the immunization schedule for your child and follow your pediatrician’s recommendations.

- Frequent hand washing is critical. Do it often and always before taking the baby, at feed times and after changing a diaper.

- Do not smoke around your baby, either at home or in the car. Children exposed to secondhand smoke have four times greater risk of developing pneumonia or bronchitis.

- Extreme general cleaning of the house and toys and ventilate room every day.

- Keep the house in relative humidity and a moderate temperature.

- Increase fluid intake and nasal saline wash when your baby catches cold.

- Do not expose the child to sudden changes in temperature.

- Do not bring your baby to the nursery while having fever or cough. Although it seems that the worst had passed, you may find the case get worse, and also to avoid spreading infection to his teammates.

- If baby is above 6 months of age include variety of colored fruits and veggies, rich in Vitamin A & C and infant cereals fortified with Iron and omega to boost immunity. Do not forget to add onions, garlic and leeks, from 8-9 months as they have mucolytic and antiseptic properties.

- Including egg yolk and lean meat and beans from 9 months is another way of boosting immunity.

- Lastly check your baby's iron levels as low iron levels can also trigger infection and in case of deficiency baby should be put under appropriate supplementation.

- Organize sleeping Schedule for your baby to get enough rest.