• How to choose clothes for my coming baby?

How to choose clothes for my coming baby?

Loose and of natural fibers... regardless of your personal taste, should be your guidelines when buying your baby's clothes. We help you choose for your little one what is comfortable.

When you go shopping, you should think about the comfort and safety of your baby.

Do not buy any piece just because it is so beautiful; think before purchasing whether it is suitable for a newborn.

We recommend that you wash your baby’s clothes separately. Do it with soap and may a kind of antiseptics, especially if it is touching his body.

Forget the bleach or softener substances, which may irritate his/her skin, and rinse it well.

Some tips:

Search for natural and soft tissues, like cotton or linen thread and avoid synthetic, such as nylon, as they are less breathable.

The items should be loose enough to allow the baby's movements.

Avoid clothes with ribbons and laces, which can be dangerous because of the risk of knotting at the neck.

For the first months, it is preferable to go for garments with a front opening, large buttons or adhesive strips. In this way you will avoid having to go through the child's head, which will greatly facilitate things and it will save you more than a tantrum. Take the hands and put the sleeve, hold him/her and gently slide the garment arm.

You should not use belts.

Note that you can put several layers, especially in cold weather.

Do not buy too much. During the first months babies grow at a rapid pace and baby will soon outgrow it.

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