• How to heal the navel?

How to heal the navel?


How to heal the navel? This is always a common concern for many mothers.

The navel area requires special attention during the first few days after birth to prevent infection or poor healing. The cord of your newborn has a moist appearance at birth, but soon it begins to dry and blacken until it finally falls. This will occur between the first and second week of life, although it may take several days. Until that happens you need to keep the area clean and dry to prevent infection.

What should I do?

Place a dry sterile gauze around the clamp, in order to cover the area. You must do this each time you change the diaper, since the urine may reach this area.

When it finally falls, still disinfect with antiseptic and leave the air to finish drying. And when hydrate gut area with a moisturizing lotion, try not to get to this part until the pediatrician will indicate that it is completely healed.

If you notice that the cord takes longer time than indicated, do not panic but consult your pediatrician. But if you notice the area is red, secretes pus or foul odor, you should tell your doctor immediately because it could be infected and require immediate treatment.

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