• How to breastfeed your baby?

How to breastfeed your baby?

Breastfeeding your baby is a unique experience. First-time mums have many doubts. It is important to follow doctor's recommendations, which will be a personalized tracking of your situation and particular needs.

Here you are some general guidelines that can help you to have a better idea of ​​breastfeeding:
-Offer your baby your breast as soon as possible that is immediately after birth. The first milk that comes as a yellowish sticky fluid called, colostrum milk (first five days milk). It is very rich in immune active ingredients that promote maturation of your baby’s immature immune system.
-Do not present your baby with pacifiers and bottles because he/she could later take the breast less efficiently.

When should you breastfeed your baby?
As for the schedule, it is recommended not to set a strict schedule and offer the breast as prompted by the baby. From the first month you can breastfeed him 5-6 times every 3-4 hours. You must be flexible.

The time spent per feed

The time needed to complete your baby’s meal varies. Ideally make it last until the child spontaneously release the chest. Some infants only suck from one breast and others take from both, but preferably each of them must be emptied and filled alternately to avoid an accumulation of milk that could lead to breast inflammation.
 It is neither necessary nor advisable to give your baby water or supplements without consulting your pediatrician.