• Week 1

Week 1

Your Baby:

Once your ovum is being fertilized only one day & it is divided into 2 parts. This process continues for the coming days & forms a ball named “zygote" with more than 100 cells. In five days the ball of cells begins to divide into two groups: The placenta that will host your baby & the other group that will become the embryo. The cells of the embryo are named mother cells & have the ability to be 200 cells of different classes of any part of the body (this is the reason to investigate treatments of certain diseases using the mother cells). In the seventh day the fertilized ovum sweeps down the fallopian tube & reaches the uterus (the refuge of your baby during the coming nine months).

Baby weight now: less than 1 gm

Baby size now: 0.1 mm


Your Body

It is possible that you don't perceive the signs of pregnancy until you discover the delay of the period, but on the other hand, there are women who experience different symptoms like: Nausea & vomiting (usually in the morning), Increase the volume of breasts, Fatigue, Increase of urination (the increasing uterus size makes pressure on your bladder), smelling is more sensitive than usual, some whims and unstable emotional state.



If you have changes in attitude and you are getting more nervous, try to forget about fears and insecurities and try to be positive because pregnancy is a unique stage in your life, you must enjoy it. But if you realize anything went away from the normal, always consult a gynecologist.