• Baby Wellness Checkup

Baby Wellness Checkup

Monitoring the health of your baby and complete tracking of overall growth parameters are the main mission for your pediatrician. By regular follow up, you can prevent and detect any small problems. Do not skip appointments and do understand their importance.

The neonatologist, pediatrician specializing in newborns, is the one to make the first examination of the infant at birth. But after leaving the hospital, during their first week of life, you should arrange for a visit to your pediatrician. On this visit, he will make a full scan of the child.

The first review will include:

- Review the shape of the head, vision, mouth, neck, hips, genital organs, skin color and appearance of the navel.

- Perform cardiopulmonary auscultation, will feel the abdomen, weight measurement.

- Also will check your baby’s locomotor system and psychomotor development, paying particular attention to muscle tone and reflexes.

- During this first visit, will make a record of the child, which will target, among others, issues if fed with breast or bottle, if there is a family illness.

During the fortnight visit, your doctor may evaluate your child through weight and other necessary measurements. He will notice your baby’s skin and give special attention to the ears. He will check again the status of the hips, lungs, heart and genitals. He will explore the abdomen carefully to see that the internal organs are not inflamed.

At one month, in addition to repeating all the tests, he will incorporate several examinations related to psychomotor development and asks if your baby smiles, if he/she look at the objects that approach him/her, if he/she reacts with the noises...

To complete the examination, he will ask about food, sleep and psychological follow-up will be added later.

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