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About Us - AR

[AR] For over 125 years, Hero Group has been founded along the notions of experience, heritage and expertise in the field of fruit and vegetable based products. As an international company with rooted Swiss origins, we believe that nature has offered real goodness that has to be preserved and offered to our consumers in the form of premium quality products. Since the beginning of our foundation in 1886 and as many brands joined our group, over 4,300 employees are globally committed to the values of Hero Group and work passionately at every step of the process.

In 2002, the Swiss Hero group successfully incorporated Vitrac, Egypt's leading jam manufacturing brand. Subsequently in 2005, Hero Nutritional Food Industries (NFI) entered new potential markets as Hero Middle East & Africa was founded.

Hero MEA expanded with Hero, Vitrac, Frutessa and Tova brands under its umbrella to become the market's leading provider of fruit spreads in the region. Along with our head office, our factory which is the largest jam factory in the Middle East is located in Cairo, Egypt. Investments for over 20 million US$ were directed to upgrade the plant to sustain the highest quality matching with European standards, food safety and consistency. With over 30 years of local experience along with Hero's international heritage, Hero NFI has shaped its firmly established jam production technology starting from the fruit selection phase and cooking methods to the packaging lines. 

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