• Week 6

Week 6

Your Baby:

The baby grows at the speed of light! Its size will be tripled this week and will begin to look more like a baby. The basic facial features such as eyes and ears are developing. Its little heart begins to pump blood, head is very large compared to the rest of its body, and legs & arms at this moment are small, not much protruding but may begin to start moving at the middle of this week. While his fingers are not even distinguished but they will not last long like this. There are 40 small blocks of tissues that are developing & will convert into the spinal column, ribs and muscles of the back of your baby.


Baby weight now: less than 1 gm

Baby size now: 5-7 mm


Your Body

At the beginning of the first trimester, it is difficult to notice a big change in your weight or waist size and as we have said in Week 5, some women experience morning sickness, which is something common since the sixth week until the second trimester. You may have some of the typical pregnancy symptoms such as congested nose, excessive salivation, constipation or stomach acidity. You may also feel more moody and emotional than usual due to fluctuation in hormones levels.



Do you know how much caffeine you should consume during pregnancy? The caffeine can cross through the placenta and prevents the absorption of calcium, so many doctors recommend reducing consumption of tea and coffee. Approximately one cup of tea or coffee. If you are a tea lover, consider the possibility of consuming less green tea during the first three months because it decreases the effectiveness of folic acid (essential for preventing defects in the neural tube in the first month of the baby's development).