• Week 19

Week 19

Your Baby:

Your baby's senses are being developed: smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. Millions of motor neurons develop in the brain of your baby allowing it to do more controlled and conscious movements. You will notice that at certain moments your baby may seem asleep and in others it moves a lot. The first movements of your baby are called "quickening" and many women describe it as "butterflies in the stomach ", later movements will become more noticeable. If you see that the movements decrease in frequency or intensity, talk to your specialist.

Baby weight now: 240 gm

Baby size now: 19 cm


Your Body

Your belly is more obvious and the people around you are noticing your physical changes. If you feel pain at your back, do not worry, it is normal, most pregnant women start to experience this back pain and also abdominal pain caused by increased hormones, which relax the muscles around your waist and allow your uterus to grow. You may have varices because of the legs swelling, so avoid being too long standing or bend your legs when you sit. The sexual relations during pregnancy does not jeopardize the health of your baby, unless your doctor do not recommend it for you.


Concerning alcohol, no one knows for sure how much alcohol a mother can consume in order not to have problems during pregnancy, but the danger is that its consumption during this period can cause “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" (FAS). Babies born with FAS may grow more slowly, having damage within the central nervous system or have abnormal facial features.