• Week 18

Week 18

Your Baby:

This week the baby continues to grow but at a slower rate. The vocal cords of your baby now are working. Many of the bones in the body of your baby are beginning to harden, first among them the inner ear that will cause your baby to hear sounds such as your heartbeat or the movement of the blood through the umbilical cord. It is possible that finally you are able to feel some of the movements of your baby, but if it's your first pregnancy you may not notice them.

Baby weight now: 200 gm

Baby size now: 19 cm


Your Body

During the second trimester is likely to notice an increase in your appetite, this tremendous desire to eat! You are in a stage where your body needs 300 extra calories to help your baby grows and develops, so it is important to have a healthy diet with enough protein. Your belly and breasts grow bigger along these weeks, have you already bought maternity clothes and bigger bras? You are in a need for them.


Dairy products are a good source of calcium important for your baby's bones and teeth. Avoid unpasteurized milk that is often found in soft cheeses, because they can cause poisoning known as "Listeriosis". Near this week you would make the second ultrasound where we analyze the rate of growth of your baby and its anatomy. It is able to predict possible complications in it.