• Week 17

Week 17

Your Baby:

Simple reflexes dominate such as sucking and flicker, until you have hiccups. A fat will form under its soft skin, which protects and prepares the baby for the temperature change from inside your womb to the exterior world. The placenta continues to grow; it provides nutrients and oxygen to the fetus besides also being responsible for removing its wastes.

Baby weight now: 160 gm

Baby size now: 17.5 cm


Your Body

During the second trimester many women notice an increase in the size of their stomachs and breasts, if you had not noticed the ligament pain, you could feel it now when the uterus continues to increase in size and pushing your intestine. If you're lucky you may have felt for the first time stamping feet of your baby. How exciting!


Your need for iron will double to suit the increased blood volume and the changes that your body suffers. Iron produces hemoglobin (essential protein in red blood cells) that carries oxygen to the tissues. If you do not get enough iron per day, you may feel more tired and you are more prone to infections, thus increasing the risk of premature birth. As we have said before, great sources of iron include: Lean red meats, chicken, fish, nuts and dried fruits. The hemorrhoids appear on many moms, you should eat foods high in fiber such as cereals to avoid this problem.