• Week 16

Week 16

Your Baby:

Its organs are more developed, has arms and legs longer and controls its movements (though it is not noticed). Now the skeletal system of your baby is more developed as the calcium deposits in its bones, so during the next weeks the weight of your baby will double. From this week the baby can grab its hands, feet or even the umbilical cord.

Baby weight now: 135 gm

Baby size now: 16 cm


Your Body

The symptoms of the first trimester are disappearing, you'll feel better. If you notice a stretching or abdominal discomfort this is because the ligaments are stretched and thicken to support your growing uterus.


To know if your baby is doing well and continues its good development, there is a prenatal test called "Amniocentesis", in which the doctor uses ultrasound to confirm the date of pregnancy and locate the placenta and amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Then extract amniotic fluid guided by ultrasound and analyzes a small sample. Generally women between weeks 16 and 20, undergo this test to know if the baby has a genetic disorder or any pathology, such as "Down Syndrome". You ask: Does it hurt? Many women compare it as uncomfortable as a blood extract, but you can use a local anesthetic to numb the area. Doctors recommend that after you are subjected to amniocentesis you must: relax, do not lift anything heavy, don't make hard exercises do not travel by plane, or have sex intercourse during the next 72 hours, as this may increase the risk that you have a miscarriage. But remember at all-time consult your specialist to know if it is suitable for you.