• Tips for a healthy breastfeeding

Tips for a healthy breastfeeding

Breast feeding is a beautiful & wonderful experience in a woman’s life. Prepare yourself for this amazing experience during pregnancy itself. Mother’s own diet, her physical & emotional state has a great influence on the quality of milk you will offer to your baby.

Your diet
Your Nutritional needs are much more than what it was during pregnancy. Eat healthy; more of healthy carbs, lean proteins, variety of veggies & fruits plus nuts & seeds so as to have a balanced diet. Eat small frequent meals, have lots of fluids in the form of water, milk, soups or nourishing fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid intake of excess of sugar and fat.

Importance of rest
Please note that your fitness is crucial during this period. Make sure to have proper rest. You can take some time to rest and sleep when your baby is asleep. If you can’t sleep, then learn to relax by reading some good books or listening to soft music.

Breastfeeding and drugs
Do not take medications without consulting your pediatrician. Avoid alcohol and drink coffee in moderation.

Do not be too eager to lose weight…

Your body has undergone a stressful period of pregnancy followed by delivery. It now needs time to recover. Give your body at least 6-8 weeks before you start planning ways to lose weight. It is always recommended that breast feeding Moms should try to lose weight only after 2 months of delivery. Starting too early can result in your body taking too long to recover, plus it may affect your milk supply.

The best position

You and your baby need tranquility. Find a suitable place and take a comfortable position. You will notice that your mood directly influences the way in which the milk flows. If you're nervous it may take time or be insufficient. Be relaxed & comfortable when feeding.

Watch your hygiene. Before each time you breastfeed your baby, wash your hands with soap and water. Thoroughly clean the nipple of the breast with boiled water to remove all traces of cream or ointment that you may have used.