It is perfect when your baby starts teething as it comforts his gums. It is a yummy finger food that helps your little one self feeding.

  • 6+ Months


Hero Baby Teething Biscuits starting from 6 months soothing your baby gum during teething period by providing comfort from soreness and designed to be easily held to learn self feeding. 

Hero Baby Teething Biscuit is nutritionally balanced for your baby containing 5 vitamins, Calcium and Iron, to ensure your baby proper growth and development. 

What's inside

Nutritional Table

Average values Per 100 gm powder
Energy423 Kcal
Fibres3,0 g
Proteins9,7 g
Minerals 1,8 g
Calcium329 mg
Iron8,3 mg
Vitamin B10,48 mg
Vitamin B20,4 mg
Vitamin B60,45 mg
Niacin4,1 mg
Pantothenic acid2,69 mg

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