• Keeping baby safe at home

Keeping baby safe at home

In developed countries, childhood accidents are the leading cause of death in children over one year. Prevention is the only way to control such accidents.

Once able to move, babies get wings in their feet and they want to move around all the time. Let them explore the world, but safely and smartly.

At birth, children have limited mobility, they are passive, so prevention is easy, but take care of the following points:

Do not leave them in places that they could fall, such as changing table or bed

Watch that bed sheets are well attached, that they not get choked with bed sheets

Always cover them up to armpits and no higher.

Around 3-6 months, they begin to put everything in their mouths; avoid giving them toys with small or detachable parts.

The moment he/she starts to crawl or walk, there is increased chances of accidents, because surroundings become much broader. A measure that helps parents to see the dangers facing your little one is getting on all fours or squatting to the child's height and checking if the place is safe enough for your baby to move.

When the child's physical activity increases, he/she is ready to try out everything that he can see. Sockets, doors, windows, drawers, stairs, bathtubs, medicine... the possibilities are almost endless.

Cover outlets, put doorstops to avoid getting injured if closed; put plastic corners for table ‘s Sharp edges, put safety locks on Windows, move cleaning products to high shelves and have security lock and keep medicines away from kid’s reach.

If there are steps in the house, get a door made to close them so that baby does not try to climb it in adult’s absence.

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