• Introducing cereals

Introducing cereals

One of the first things that can be introduced to your baby’s diet, is cereals. Packed with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins & minerals, Cereals are a healthy choice as First food for your baby. Cereals are easily digestible & well tolerated by babies. Start by introducing cereals without gluten like rice cereal. Rice cereal is least allergenic plus its taste is very close to Breast milk, hence easily accepted by baby.

Ways of Introducing Cereal:

-Firstly introduce cereals in very small amounts, may be 1-2 tsp, to start with and gradually increase the amounts.

- Prepare cereals as per the instructions written on the pack.

- You can use, expressed Breast milk or Formula milk or even Boiled cooled water to prepare the cereal.

- Initially give only cereals with milk/water without adding any other food, just to check baby’s tolerance.

-Once your baby starts enjoying cereals, you create variety by adding fruit purees or yogurt.

- Do not add sugar as cereals are slightly sweetish in taste.

- It is advisable to discard the leftover, hence prepare in small amounts.

- Do not prepare cereals in bottle as it may cause choking in younger babies plus the intake is much more than when given from plate. The latter may cause indigestion or even obesity due to excess calorie intake.

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