• Hair and nails caring

Hair and nails caring

Some babies are born bald, others with a great hair and likewise, some babies enter the world with the longest nails. If you want to complete the "toilette" of your little one, kindly take note of these tips:

It's simpler than it sounds, but given the fragility of your baby, it is good to take precautions when cutting both hair and nails. The first is to find the best time to do it.

At birth nails may have grown a lot, but they are so soft that they could be cut as easily as a piece of paper. However, it is advisable to wait for the first week of life to avoid damaging the baby's skin or leave too short lateral ridge.

Meanwhile, you can use cotton mittens on baby’s hand to protect from face scratching.

When you wish to cut them, choose the time when your baby is asleep so he/she do not move.

Use sterilized scissors with rounded tip, especially for babies; you'll find it in baby care shops.

Wetting baby’s nails before trimming will make cutting easier

All babies undergo hair fall in the first six months, which is normal and after that follows a stage where the hair growth starts.

To help hair growth in babies, wash your baby’s hair less often, (2-3 times in a week), turn your baby’s head while sleeping, allow baby’s back of the head to get some air by placing baby on his tummy 2-3 times during the day & do not use any chemical based hair products on baby’s hair.

Foods rich in Omega 3 fats, Vitamin A, proteins & B vitamins are great for baby’s hair growth and Breast milk is rich in all these nutrients. Hence exclusive breast feeding for first 6 months is great for baby’s hair.

As for trimming baby’s hair, you can trim it when you consider it necessary because the popular belief that if you do shortly after birth, will grow stronger and thicker, unfounded. Use Sterilized scissors for trimming baby’s hair

As with nails, it is important to use special scissors that should not damage his/her scalp. Also, if they are wet, it will be easier to hold the strands between fingers.

Note that, in many cases, the hair with the baby is not the final, baby’s hair color & texture changes with age.

Before shaving his/her head, consider the time of the year, as baby loses a lot of heat through head...  Go to a trained specialist and make sure that all his equipment is sterilized.

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