• The day of vaccination - Tips to avoid crying

The day of vaccination - Tips to avoid crying

It is not easy for the baby to get a prick or for the parents to see their baby getting the prick. Moreover, during the first year, there will be several times that your baby has to go through the process of vaccination. It depends on how you handle the situation both before and after the vaccination.

Although there is increasing use of combination vaccines that reduce the number of pricks that baby may get, yet the fact is that every injection hurts. Take note of these tips to minimize your child’s pain:

- The first thing to do is to stay calm. If you get nervous, your baby can feel it and will soon get nervous and anxious, even before he/she gets the prick.

- Do not lie about what's going to happen, even if you think he/she's too young to understand. You can always explain to your baby the importance of vaccine in a story form.

- Follow the nurse. If she asks you to keep your hands on the leg or put it in a certain way, do it with firmness and not with fear.

- If you breastfeed your baby, offer it before the vaccine, since baby will be more relaxed.

- Ask your doctor about putting a numbing cream in the vaccination area a few minutes earlier.

- When your baby is older, distract his attention by asking him to draw something or telling him/her something funny.

- When you get home, dad may praise how brave he/she was.

- Wait about 15 minutes in the vaccination center before leaving. The most serious adverse reactions occur in these early stages.

- Get all information from your doctor before leaving about after reaction of the vaccine.

-Lastly maintain a vaccine card and get it signed and stamped by your doctor for your future records

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