• Cereals with gluten

Cereals with gluten

From 6 months, you can introduce variety of cereals, starting with Gluten free like Rice cereal and gradually moving to the ones containing gluten. This is, to avoid allergies and intolerances. Hence, when your baby is accustomed to pureed vegetables, you can begin to introduce small amounts of cereals containing gluten (wheat, oats or barley). Cereals are an important source of energy and protein.

Benefits of Cereals:
-Thanks to their carbohydrate content, grains can meet the energy needs of your baby. Of Also the chief source of energy for brain is carbohydrate, hence cereals are the major fuel for the brain.

-Cereals are great source of proteins & B vitamins. Cereals when combined with milk or yogurt become a good quality protein.

-Certain cereals are also great source of minerals like, Calcium and Iron.

-Cereals regulate the intestinal functions of your baby, making his feces more consistent and help in regulating bowel movements.

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